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Barron's IELTS with MP3 CS, 4th Edition

Need to improve your English language skills? Are you looking to attend college in the United States or any other English language country? Perhaps you need to make sure your English is good enough to get through your F1 Visa interview? Would you like to receive the help you need without taking expensive English language classes?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the among world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education or any other English language proficiency need. It will assess your English language skills and prepare you to succeed in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

From a student:

This IELTS book has been extremely helpful for me. It not only helped me get a great score on the test, it provides highly selected materials and I did not have to waste my time finding other resources. Additionally, it supplies a variety of practice tests, so you won’t be afraid of insufficient materials for practicing prior to taking the real test. It also provides effective strategies and tips for Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing English.

From a professor:

I taught at American universities for over twenty years. An American college classroom experience is much different than in other countries. It is not as formal as the European or Asian classroom experience. Professors can:

  • Speak quickly, often using expressions you may not know;
  • Ask a student a question in front of the whole class;
  • Show many videos in class, often without captions;
  • Assign a project where the student must give a presentation in front of the classroom; and,
  • Assign projects and presentations in groups forcing international students to work with American students.

Don’t be embarrassed because of your English. Show the American students how smart you are! Get the help you need.  Get the Barron's  IELTS book and resources.

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